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15'th September, 2016

Best social media channels to promote your business

With the rapid increase in digital marketing there are now multiple channels with the help who which you can tremendously increase your business growth. If you look at the traditional methods like advertising or door-to- door advertising, the cost gets so much that if your business is not well expanded it gets next to impossible to promote your business and opt the business expansion. But,the era changed and even those who are doing business from their homes have the opportunity to increase their traffic in the cost-effective way. There have been numerous social media channels through which you can easily promote your business with just no cost or very little cost.

Here are a few social media platforms through which you can promote your business in a much greater way:

1. Facebook: By far now it is one of greatest and widest social media channel, with having people across the world. You can easily create a business page on business and share it for maximum fans. The cost of creating a page on Facebook is zero but in case you want to promote your content to a specific audience then it requires some of the payment which is not too much. Also, Facebook these days is used by every age group so you can reach your specific audience or a larger number too depending on the need of your business.

2. Twitter: Twitter is yet another amazing channel. Twitter users are so hyper active that if youdo something really well you can millions of reach within a nick of time. But, it can be a barrier in terms of content as it does not allow more than 140 characters. But, it is really effective in terms of wide reach and audience.

3. Google+: Google+ is not very old channel, but it has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. Google+ can also help you to show results on Google pages.

4. Pinterest: This is one of the trickiest social media channel with having around 70 million followers worldwide. With Pinterest your business has a better opportunity to get viral and reach maximum users. Though, at times it can do better with a certain age group.

Thus, every social media channels have different benefits. The best is to have social presence on every social media channels but if you are restricted to particular channels then these 4 are must for your business growth.

12'th September, 2016

Bing or Google: What Search Engine is more Popular among the users?

Search engines are the backbones of Internet and the online crowd is divided between either Google or Bing as the major search engine. Google out of all has been ruling as a synonym for search and every other individual is dependent on the search results for getting the daily works done. What people look for is relevant results, simple interface and helpful options to widen or constrict a search. With each search engine bringing the best out in each minor change that is done, users now have several options to go with.

Each search engine competes with the other to claim the throne to be the best so, are they any closer to remove Google from the top?

I personally go by Google’s results and have in fact made it my default homepage so, it is mostly, to do with the user’s personal preferences. But, one should always keep the alternatives in mind for all the different search results and in case they need a change. Bing as Microsoft’s shot to challenge Google in the search engine list has improvised on a lot of things but still is not as convincing as Google when it comes to giving information. Google as a giant is dominating the mobile and tablet search engines market share and really does not need any introduction with majority of the population following it on a regular basis.

Bing as a search engine is good to look at with an ever changing background and setting it as homepage takes away the monotony of seeing a regular screen each time. Bing now also powers the search results pulled by Yahoo! search and that just makes it further more promising. As one of the efficient Google alternative Bing offers good number of capabilities that comprises spell check, flight tracking, sports score, products shopping, operating calculations and features like events, ads and finance.

Products offered by Google like Google+ and Google reader are widely adopted among the users as compared to the similar product offered by Bing as Bing reader. All these aspects adds on to taking as the most widely used search engine and would continue being on the top unless Bing comes up with an ultimate advantage over Google. Lastly, in terms of social integration Bing rules as it has tied up with Facebook and twitter so can offer more social data. The way it integrates that information in the search engine result page is also less cluttered.

With this, I can conclude that till now Bing can only be considered as an alternative to Google but, of course like I said earlier it depends on what an individual has on their default homepage column. People just need to land on a page that is close to answer the query and the search engine can rule accordingly. There are many other search engines that can just be an alternative as the ruler can just be one and with ‘Google it’ instead of search it online, Google has surely claimed it for years to come.

10'th August, 2016

SEO Tactics to Drive and Convert the Traffic to your Site

Surviving in this modern scenario of digital world is no small deal and indeed takes a lot of efforts to maintain a good SEO company status quo in India. The big shots of the market knows what exactly does it takes to be counted amongst the best SEO company in India and they are putting in great inputs to have their results seen on the Google ranking.

Well, it generally is not possible for everyone out there to be at number one position but the little that one could do is adhere to the best white hat SEO techniques to be accounted in the upper list. There have been times when you might have wasted a lot of your time pondering that despite following each and every tactics of SEO you are not able to nail it. Well, here at Vipra Business SEO blog, we are going to elaborate on certain tactics that might directly land you on board. The content is going to be useful for those of you who own either a small or medium scaled SEO Company. Though you might not be having a great capital to invest and lack in gathering the right soldiers for the battle-field, the under mentioned tips would definitely help you sail smooth through the SEO market.

Subsequent are the tips to enhance the visitors on your site and mark for the best conversion rate:

Since social media marketing is counted to be one of the  best SEO tools in hand so what you can do is:

  1. Facebook and Twitter Remarketing

Whether your company deals in a B2B or B2C sector, facebook is n excellent medium topromote your services. But to your surprise the remarketing audiences can be connected via this mode. All you need to do is install the FB tracking Pixel on the site and this would directly market the customers visiting your sites. This way you can grab a huge traffic for your site and blogs and there is a minium need of 100 visitors to initiate the work; whereas, in Twitter you need to have atleast 500 visitors to start the advertising process.

  1. Email Audience drive via Facebook and Twitter

Here, what you can do is just upload that email list of yours on FB which is otherwise used to boost the emails to the users very often. That list can be used to grab the accounts of those who have their addresses attested to the list and prove to be a great marketing medium. Also, using Twitter you can nab the audience on the mobile device but remember you need to have 500 custom audiences through the upload.

  1. Pay attention to the Ad’s headlines

You know that maximum of the visitors turn into your customers only after reading the headlines and they do not even go down and read your stuff in the ad. So, spend maximum in creating a headline that is appealing to majority.

  1. Intense Blogging

The number of blogs that you post on your site according to SEO experts is directy proportional to the increase in the number of traffic on your site. So, keep blogging as far as possible.

  1. Blog promotion on FB

You might know that not everyone can see the post on your FB. So, you need to act a little smart and start campaigning for your blogs targeting the custom and remarketing audience.

  1. Swap the blogs with other sites

This is considered to be a great measure to increase the traffic. All you need to do is first search the company working in the same field as yours and ask the company’s admin or editor for the blog and article switch. But the duplicate contents should always be avoided and only unique contents should be exchanged.